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appsmart - Software for ophthalmology clinics
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Out of respect for patients
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+120 clinics and ophthalmological offices

+ 140 optics stores

+ 650 ophthalmologists

+2000 users

Our solution, your advantage!

Digital transformation, advantage for both doctors, administrative staff and patients!

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Prof. Dr. Florian Balta
"We have been using the Appsmart Ophthalmo solution since 2015, since we moved to a new location. It was a very inspired decision at the beginning of the road. The application is extremely useful, we have gained a lot of time by using it, and now it is part of our image."
Dr. Alina Cantemir
"We've been using the Appsmart program for 5 years and we don't remember what it was like before... The learning curve is extremely fast, the program is intuitive, allowing us to know the situation of programming in real time. A big plus is given by the speed of solving any problem that arises, due to an exceptional communication with the technical team. Thank you for making our lives easier!"
Dr. Dana Preoteasa
"Since 2015, since we use the Software Solution Appsmart Ophthalmo, the activity of our clinic is more efficient. It makes our work easier, we can focus on what is really important, and our patients have the best possible medical experience. We highly recommend Appsmart solutions to any ophthalmology clinic."
Dr. Andrei Filip
"It's that simple, there were two stages, life and activity before Appsmart and after the introduction of Appsmart in 2014. Appsmart allows us to optimize to the maximum the patients' experience in our clinic, to be even closer to their needs and what I like very much, facilitates us an even better communication with patients. In addition, I like that the platform is in a continuous development and adaptation to the requirements and ideas of the users."
Out of respect for patients Out of respect for patients

Ophthalmology EMR Solution

Ideal software for the digital transformation of the activity of a business in the field of ophthalmology.

Through the functionalities offered, Appsmart Ophthalmology EMR is a solution complex and mature enough to effectively manage the activity of a network of clinics and surgical centers or a chain of optics stores. At the same time, we provide a simplified version, which will successfully cover the needs of an ophthalmology office or a medical optics store!

Our information system ensures the digitization of the entire operational flow: appointments and reception, the medical file (consultation sheets, operating protocols, glasses prescriptions, prescriptions, medicines and many other forms), the integration of specific medical equipment of ophthalmology, inventory management of the optic store and / or operating room, as well as a marketing module (SMS transmission, online appointments).

Both the medical component and the optical management component allow multi-location, multi-management and multi-company operation.


EMR Solution