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Out of respect for patients Out of respect for patients


Appsmart Ophthalmology EMR is accessed from an internet browser, so it can be used at any time, on any computer, laptop or tablet, without having to install it beforehand.

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Fast. Relevant. Intuitive


Intended for the administrative staff in the reception, this module allows the rapid operation of all actions related to patients' appointments, the recording of passport data and the payment of the services provided. The calendar of appointments provides an overview of the flow in the clinic, at any time, by coloring each appointment according to the stage it is in. Easy to use, and by quickly accessing relevant information and eliminating unnecessary clicks, Appsmart Ophthalmology EMR consistently reduces the time spent by patients in the reception!


Organized. Complete. Specific


The Appsmart Ophthalmology EMR system is a masterpiece in terms of collecting specific medical data of ophthalmology. The consultation sheets take measurements directly from the medical equipment and provide quick access to the history of each section of the patient's aggregated medical record or history. The system allows the completion of specific operational protocols for the major categories of ophthalmological operations. All medical documents for patients are automatically generated from the system! Among these, we recall: the medical report, the prescription of glasses, the prescription of medicines, the specific operator protocol, the discharge note, the medical letter, the medical exemption, the consent for the processing of personal data (GDPR), the operation agreement, the agreement for anesthesia, the postoperative indications. 

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Equipment Integration

Innovative. Practical. Correct


The software for ophthalmology offices and clinics Appsmart Ophthalmology EMR integrates with renowned equipment manufacturers such as Topcon, Zeiss, Tomey, Huvitz, Reichert, Essilor, Nidek etc . In the case of measurements, the system takes over the information directly in the patient's consultation sheet, and in the case of imaging equipment, files are taken directly into the patient's electronic file in the system. By integrating the specific medical equipment of ophthalmology with our software, human error is avoided from the transcription of the measurements and the results of the investigations performed are centralized, providing support to doctors for efficient and informed diagnosis.


Centralized. Simple. Exhaustive


Optics management is a software module within the Appsmart Ophthalmology EMR Solution system, developed for the centralized management of a chain of optics stores. The entire operational flow is covered by this module, starting from the order receipt, advance collection, rest of payment, invoice issuance, order receipt generation, assembly, inputs, outputs, transfers between managements and many other functionalities. The module provides the types of typical management reports, as well as specific reports in the field of medical optics and can be integrated with ERPs or software solutions for accounting by exporting centralizing files.

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Responsible. According to. Efficient


In accordance with the GDPR provisions, our software for clinics and ophthalmology offices, as well as optics chain stores, is a reliable partner in carrying out a responsible and efficient marketing, which supports an optimal and fast communication with patients, by integrating an SMS messaging module (recalling appointments, controls and optical commands) of the feedback forms for the optics services offered, but also sending by email the post-operative recommendations for patients. All documents generated using our software solution are personalized with the visual identity of our partners.

Mobile application

Simple. Modern. Accessible

Closer to your patients than ever through the Appsmart mobile app. The Software Solution Appsmart Ophthalmology EMR is also available in the form of a mobile application, which facilitates secure access of doctors at any time and from any location. The application allows viewing the daily program of consultations and operations, quickly adding appointments, access to the patient's medical file (history, medical report, prescriptions, files imaging results, etc.) and allows the possibility of downloading and distributing files on WhatsApp and / or Email.